Estancia Piedra is the family dream, who wanted to turn their passion into reality: to produce excellent quality wines.

Our vineyard, planted in 1968, is the largest parcel of old vines in the Toro D.O. Our team of highly qualified professionals who ensure that their passion for wine is reflected every day in a quality product, a wine that represents the character of the Duero region. Our winery, situated in the Guareña valley in the heart of the Toro D.O., specializes in enotourism.

Piedra owns the largest parcel of old vineyard in the Toro

The best professionals

The most modern oenological techniques


Piedra wines have been created to delight the senses, to celebrate life and friendship. With a wide range in continuous expansion, our wines adapt to the tastes of a wide variety of palates. From young and natural wines made without sulfites or any additive treatment, to wines that appreciate the value of time and maturity, which express the best of a very old vineyard in the Toro region.

Wines proud
of their origin.”

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The soil is stony alluvium, with a sandy surface, light and poor in organic matter with a clay subsoil that helps maintain the little water that the area receives. Its continental climate, influenced by the Atlantic, along with it’s location at an altitude of  330m above sea level, cause huge diurnal variations in temperature. With long, cold winters, and short but intense summers.

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Each day more effort, each day more confidence in and love for our work”

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